Shoutout of the Week: Sheril Morgan-Menefee: Pioneering a Culture of Excellence and Community Impact in Education

Some leaders stand out in the vast education landscape for their unwavering commitment to their students and community. Sheril Morgan-Menefee, an esteemed educator, and visionary, has left an indelible mark on the education field with her remarkable contributions. From transforming Muskogee High School into a beacon of positive school culture to championing literacy initiatives and community service, Sheril‘s journey exemplifies a steadfast dedication to shaping the next generation of leaders.


Building a Legacy in Education

With a long-standing career in education, Sheril‘s impact spans decades. Her dedication to her students has extended far beyond the classroom, as evidenced by her enduring mentorship of a former student, Ricky, who holds her in high regard as both a mentor and a friend.


National Schools of Character

A pioneer in the National Schools of Character program, Sheril‘s leadership brought about a transformative change at Muskogee High School. Becoming the first school in Oklahoma to achieve the esteemed status of a National School of Character, the intentional focus on instilling core values and fostering a culture of character led to substantial improvements in attendance, discipline, and academic performance.


Educators Rising Program

Addressing the pressing demand for teachers, Sheril initiated the Educators Rising program. This groundbreaking initiative aims to inspire and prepare students aspiring to become educators, providing them with invaluable insights and experiences related to the teaching profession.


Empowering Student Leadership and Culture

At Muskogee High School, Sheril strongly emphasized empowering student leadership and cultivating a thriving school culture. By expanding the leadership program, students were actively involved in decision-making, contributing to a vibrant and spirited school community.


Overcoming Challenges with Resilience

Throughout her career, Sheril and her team navigated various challenges, from managing changes in education to addressing teacher shortages and nurturing school spirit. Despite these obstacles, they demonstrated resilience and creativity in achieving positive outcomes.


A Commitment to Excellence

Sheril‘s unwavering commitment to creating an environment of excellence at Muskogee High School was evident in many initiatives. Collaborating with organizations like Chick-fil-A Leader Lab, the school’s focus on impactful community service and academic, arts, and sports achievements left an indelible mark.


Fostering Pride and Identity

Sheril‘s leadership transformed Muskogee High School, instilling a sense of pride and identity within the school community. Beyond academic achievements, this transformation was reflected in vibrant cultural events, athletic triumphs, and community engagement.


Community Involvement and Literacy Initiatives

Sheril promoted community involvement and literacy through the “Rougher 300” program and the million book giveaway. These initiatives demonstrated her commitment to making a positive impact within the school and the broader community.


Intentionality in Building Relationships

Sheril emphasized the significance of intentionality in building solid relationships with team members and students. Making time for genuine connections and understanding motivations were crucial elements of effective leadership.


Balancing Grace and Accountability

Sheril emphasized the importance of compassion for oneself and others, offering grace when mistakes happen. Coupled with accountability, this approach created an environment of growth and mutual support.


Fostering a Positive School Culture

Muskogee High School’s focus on core values and intentional relationship-building cultivated a positive school culture where students felt valued, cared for, and supported in their academic and personal growth.


Recent Role as a School Mental Health Specialist 

Though Sherill is no longer with Muskogee High School, her passion for education and student well-being continues in her role as a School Mental Health Specialist at The Jed Foundation (JED). 


During her appearance on the podcast, Sheril was with Muskogee High School, working with a great team of people on student leadership and developing a culture of excellence and a favorable climate. Her journey inspires educators, reminding us of the profound impact we can make in the lives of our students and communities.




Sheril Morgan-Menefee’s journey in education is a testament to the transformative power of intentionality, community involvement, and commitment to excellence. Her dedication to empowering students, building a positive school culture, and making a difference in the community has set a remarkable example for educators everywhere. Don’t miss her on our School Success Podcast, Special Episode #17!