Shoutout of the Week: Seth Feldman

In the School Success podcast, we had the pleasure of featuring Seth Feldman, currently the superintendent of the Bay Area Technology School in Oakland, California. Bay Tech Charter School stands out for its innovative educational approaches, including AI and personalized software to assess and support student learning. Seth Feldman’s dedication to student success and commitment to providing a nurturing and academically rigorous environment have made Bay Tech Charter School a shining example in the education landscape.

A Legacy of Excellence

Bay Tech Charter School boasts a rich history, being one of Oakland’s oldest charter schools with nearly 20 years of operation. Throughout its existence, the school has continuously evolved and embraced new methods of instruction. This commitment to innovation sets Bay Tech apart from other schools, making it a leader in Oakland and Northern California.

Under Seth Feldman’s leadership, Bay Tech Charter School has achieved remarkable results. The school has a 100% graduation rate and has consistently attained high readiness rates for African American and Hispanic students. Unlike many schools, Bay Tech holds students to a higher standard, where a grade of D is not considered passing. Students must earn at least a C- to move on to the next grade. This commitment to academic excellence ensures students are well-prepared for college, careers, and future endeavors.

Personalized Learning with Assistive Technology

One of the hallmarks of Bay Tech Charter School is its use of assistive technology to provide personalized learning experiences for students. Recognizing that each student has unique learning needs, the school utilizes a range of assistive technology products to tailor instruction to individual students’ levels and abilities.

By employing these tools, Bay Tech ensures that students receive targeted instruction at their instructional level. For example, a sixth-grade student functioning at a second-grade level will receive math instruction tailored to their needs. Similarly, a sixth-grade student performing at an eighth-grade level will receive appropriate instruction in English language arts or math.

Assistive technology at Bay Tech extends beyond the regular school day. The school has implemented gamified programs that engage students and prevent the “summer slide.” For instance, they organize the iReady Olympics during the summer, where students compete and earn rewards for their academic achievements. This innovative approach keeps students motivated and helps them maintain and enhance their learning progress during the break.

To delve even deeper into Seth Feldman’s insights and expertise, we encourage you to visit our podcast episode featuring an exclusive interview with him. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights from an educational leader revolutionizing how we approach teaching and learning.



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