Shoutout of the Week: “Kyle Morin: Charting Success at James Madison Academy”

Nestled in the scenic surroundings of Colorado Springs, Colorado, James Madison Charter Academy thrives under the dynamic leadership of Principal Kyle Morin. Despite the institution’s proximity to a military base, which often presents the challenges of fluctuating student numbers due to the transient nature of military families, the academy has not only persevered but has also flourished under Kyle’s direction.

Prioritizing Early Childhood Literacy

Under Kyle’s leadership, James Madison Charter Academy prioritizes early childhood literacy, ensuring a solid foundational start for its students. Recognizing the profound impact of early reading skills on future academic success, the academy has partnered with organizations like AmeriCorps to provide specialized reading tutors for students lagging in literacy.

A Transition to Project-Based Learning

Kyle’s innovative educational approach doesn’t stop at literacy. By the time students reach fourth grade, they transition into project-based instruction. This hands-on learning strategy equips students to think critically, fostering skills they will use throughout their lives. Kyle passionately asserts that ensuring foundational literacy skills in the early grades is essential for successfully implementing project-based learning in later grades.

Weathering the Pandemic’s Challenges

Having stepped into the role of principal in a particularly tumultuous time for education, Kyle has shown remarkable adaptability. The global pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to schools everywhere. Under his watch, James Madison Charter Academy pivoted to offering both in-person and online classes, ensuring the institution’s survival during uncertain times.

Building A Strong Community

What truly sets Kyle apart is his emphasis on community building. Despite the school’s small size (with only 100 students from kindergarten through eighth grade), the sense of family is palpable. This familial culture fosters strong bonds among staff and extends to the student body and their families, making it a supportive environment for learning and personal growth.


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