Shoutout of the Week: Ian McFeat

Ian McFeat’s passion for student-centered learning and nurturing student creativity and curiosity has been the driving force throughout his impressive 21-year career in education. He has been a vocal advocate for his students, amplifying their stories and voices through publications and conferences with Rethinking Schools, showcasing the transformative impact of empowering students to lead their educational journey.

Ian’s journey as an educator and education leader began in the classroom, where he taught middle and high school English and history. With nine years of valuable classroom experience, he transitioned into educational leadership, serving as a high school principal and head of school in both public and non-profit sectors. Under his guidance, La Cañada High School achieved the prestigious National Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence in 2015 while also spearheading the establishment of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Academy. Additionally, he served as the head of school at the International Children’s Academy in Los Angeles, focusing on fully implementing the inquiry-based Primary Years Program through the International Baccalaureate.

Ian’s fervent support for the arts in schools, social justice work, and providing platforms for students to showcase their abilities to make positive changes in the world exemplify his commitment to holistic education.

Let’s celebrate Ian McFeat’s remarkable journey as an educator and education leader and acknowledge his significant impact in empowering students and shaping the educational landscape. Join us in acknowledging Ian McFeat’s dedication to his craft to make positive changes in the world. Visit the School Success podcast link to access the episode with Ian and be inspired by his unwavering commitment to transforming education.