Shoutout of the Week: Bonnie Ho – A Beacon of Inspiration in Education

Bonnie’s journey as an educator began with her struggles as a student in Hong Kong. Despite being discouraged and labeled as a “bad” and “lazy” student, Bonnie’s indomitable spirit propelled her. She discovered her true calling in education when she moved to the United States. Drawing from her experiences, Bonnie firmly believes every child can learn and flourish with the right environment and understanding.

Bonnie has led Pui Tak Christian School for the past decade, building upon its rich 69-year history. The school was founded with the vision of reaching out to the non-believing community, and an impressive 95% of its new students come from non-Christian backgrounds. This inclusive approach has transformed Pui Tak Christian School into a vibrant and influential institution within the Chinatown Bridgeport McKinley neighborhood.

Amidst challenges such as limited space and an ongoing school expansion project, Bonnie and her dedicated team remain committed to supporting the community, especially during the ongoing pandemic. When the crisis struck, they shifted their focus from fundraising for the expansion to assisting parents grappling with financial difficulties. Recognizing the significance of online learning, Bonnie and her team prepared meticulously in advance, ensuring a seamless transition for their students.

Bonnie’s unwavering dedication to education and her profound belief in the potential of every child is genuinely awe-inspiring. Her commitment to creating a nurturing and character-building environment for her students is making an indelible impact. By embarking on her remarkable journey, you will gain invaluable insights and be empowered by the transformative force of resilience and belief. We wholeheartedly encourage you to listen to her captivating interview on Episode 25 of the School Success Podcast.

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