Shoutout of the Week: Angela Riforgiate: A Passionate Educator Dedicated to Montessori Philosophy

In education, some exceptional individuals dedicate their lives to providing the best learning experiences for children. Angela Riforgiate, the CDBM Aurora Illinois campus director, is a remarkable educator. With over two decades of experience and a deep passion for the Montessori philosophy, Angela has significantly impacted the lives of countless children and families. Let’s delve into her journey and the valuable contributions she has made in the field of education.

Angela Riforgiate was born and raised in Wheaton, Illinois, and it was in this suburban town that her love for education began to flourish. After completing her Associate’s Degree at the College of DuPage, Angela moved to Florida in 1992, where she embarked on her Montessori journey. Fascinated by a Montessori classroom’s calm and peaceful environment, Angela enrolled in specialized training in Montessori philosophy in 1994 while pregnant with her oldest daughter.

Following a two-year practicum, Angela became certified by the American Montessori Society in Early Childhood. Equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach worldwide, she started teaching in private Montessori schools in South Florida. Her dedication and expertise led her to become a Montessori Teacher Trainer and a Professor of Graduate Students at the collegiate level in 2001. Angela’s passion for education and her desire to share her knowledge with aspiring teachers have been evident throughout her career.

One pivotal experience in Angela’s career was at S.D. Spady, a public Montessori school in Delray Beach, Florida. Here, she witnessed the power of combining Montessori materials with traditional education based on common core standards. This hybrid approach allowed her to cater to students’ diverse learning styles, further reinforcing her belief in the effectiveness of Montessori methods. In addition, Angela’s experience at S.D. Spady inspired her to pursue a leadership role as the Montessori Program Coordinator, gaining valuable insights into administration and the overall functioning of a Montessori school.

Driven by family ties and a desire to make a difference in her hometown, Angela returned to Illinois. She joined Casa Dei Bambini, a startup Montessori school in Aurora. As the Head of the School, she played a pivotal role in the school’s development, from obtaining licenses to familiarizing herself with the education landscape in Illinois. Angela’s dedication and expertise have helped establish Casa Dei Bambini as a nurturing and thriving community for children and families. Currently serving infants through kindergarten, the school aims to expand enrollment and offer education up to sixth grade.

Angela Riforgiate’s journey as an educator exemplifies the transformative power of Montessori philosophy. Her dedication to providing children with a nurturing and stimulating learning environment, combined with her extensive experience and expertise, has made her a respected figure in education. Angela’s passion for Montessori methods, coupled with her role as a teacher trainer, allows her to impact the lives of both students and future educators. Angela Riforgiate’s contributions will undoubtedly leave a lasting educational legacy as she continues to shape young minds and build strong communities.

Join us in discovering Angela Riforgiate’s inspiring story and gaining valuable insights by tuning in to the School Success Podcast Episode 26, where she is featured as a guest.