Shoutout of the Week: #037, Damian Ahrens on Accountability and Faith, The Foundation of Success

In an episode of the School Success Podcast, Mitchell Slater sat down with Damian Ahrens, the head of Faith Baptist School in Davison, Michigan. Their enlightening conversation unveiled Damian’s leadership strategies and the challenges of directing a faith-based educational institution during unpredictable times.

Faith Baptist School’s Resolute Mission

Operating in close partnership with its affiliated church, Faith Baptist School nurtures around 266 students. The school’s journey has seen its share of hurdles, from financial obstacles and enrollment dips due to COVID-19 to the emotional distress caused by the nearby Oxford shooting. However, under Damian’s guidance, the institution has remained steadfast in its commitment to its core values. Central to this commitment is the dedication to immerse students in the Word of God and to pray for each student, family, and staff member.

Efficient Response to the Pandemic

When the pandemic ushered in challenges for schools globally, Damian showcased adaptive leadership. Faith Baptist School transitioned to remote learning in a mere week, a testament to the agility and foresight of its leadership.

Embracing Change and Innovation

Damian recognizes the silver linings of the pandemic era, particularly the push toward technological adoption in education. Beyond just digital tools, he emphasized the importance of nurturing a sense of community, highlighting how innovation under his watch extended to building ties even in virtual classrooms.

A Tapestry of Success and Support

Even in adversity, Damian remains attuned to the school’s achievements. While candidly sharing his challenges, such as balancing various roles, he expresses gratitude for the continuous support from his dedicated faculty.

Lessons for Future Leaders

Damian’s advice to emerging leaders is both pragmatic and profound: harness the vigor of the younger generation while seeking wisdom from experienced mentors. He believes rooting oneself in God’s Word offers unparalleled spiritual clarity and fortitude. Furthermore, he champions the importance of mentorship and lifelong learning, suggesting that patterns of success can be gleaned from historical triumphs.

In Essence

Damian Ahrens stands out as a beacon of resilient and faith-driven leadership. His odyssey provides a treasure trove of insights for educators and leaders, underscoring the belief that with unwavering faith and tenacity, challenges can become opportunities for growth.

Click here to listen to the full podcast episode.




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