Shoutout of the Week: #035, Joseph Morecraft on Educators: Listen to Your People

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern education, the spotlight often rests upon educators and institutions that innovate, inspire, and influence. Dr. Joseph Morecraft, the Chief Academic and Innovation Officer of Fellowship Christian School in Roswell, Georgia, stands among those shining lights. A recent appearance on the School Success Podcast hosted by Mitchell Slater gave audiences a deep dive into the man behind the school’s remarkable achievements.

Operational Mastery

Joseph spoke proudly of the school’s efficient operational system, notably their carpool mechanism, which handles the influx of students daily. Despite challenges posed by its increasing popularity, the school manages to strike a balance between ensuring smooth day-to-day operations and accommodating the surge in enrollment applications.

Faculty Growth

Hiring practices at the school are also exemplary. With a staff of 155 set to grow to nearly 180, the challenge of hiring Christian educators, especially amidst financial constraints, is significant. Yet, Joseph highlights the school’s unique culture, emphasizing teacher freedom and less bureaucratic red tape. Moreover, there’s a clear focus on work-life balance for educators, many of whom are also parents of students at the school.

Continuous Development

The commitment to growth and development is deeply embedded within the school’s ethos. Joseph proudly points to alums like Emily Sana of the US Women’s World Cup team as a testament to the institution’s holistic approach to education. He also discussed a novel framework centered on authentic learning and progress rather than just academic outcomes.

Sustaining Excellence

Addressing the complexities of running a large institution, Joseph opened up about the school’s fundraising techniques. Eschewing traditional methods, the school conducts a concise 10-day annual fund drive, reflecting a direct and transparent approach.

A School Leader’s Advice

Joseph’s ethos as an educational leader is grounded in the belief in tapping into the immense potential within people. Citing insights from researcher Christian Smith, he emphasized the significance of not underestimating students and staff. His advice for fellow school leaders? Listen. Especially to the younger generation, as their fresh perspectives can be invaluable.

Joseph’s achievements as a school leader are not just a product of his dedication and hard work but also a testament to his belief in the potential of each student and faculty member. His insights, shared on the School Success Podcast, underline the transformative power of thoughtful, values-driven educational leadership.


Click here to listen to the full podcast episode.



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