Shoutout of the Week: #033, Terry Moffitt on How to be a Catalyst for Change in Students’ Lives

In the heart of North Carolina, a Christian school in High Point has seen a transformative journey under the exceptional leadership of Terry Moffitt. Highlighted in Mitchell Slater’s School Success Podcast, Terry’s story offers profound insights into his leadership qualities and the milestones he has achieved at this institution.

A School on the Rise

Since Terry took the helm, the school’s growth has been inspiring. Within three years from May 2019, when he was head of school, student enrollment jumped from 79 to 120, with an anticipated increase projected for the upcoming academic year. This impressive growth prompted discussions about expanding the school’s facilities, considering the potential for even more student admissions in the future.

Historically associated with a local Wesleyan church, the school now embraces a diverse student body from various church backgrounds. This inclusivity is mirrored in its programs, ranging from sports and drama to a comprehensive art curriculum.

Pursuit of Academic Rigor

Under Terry’s stewardship, there’s been a concerted effort to uplift the school’s academic rigor. Balancing enhanced standards without overwhelming students has been key. This commitment to excellence, however, has its challenges, such as maintaining a reasonable tuition rate and securing qualified teachers amidst a shrinking pool of candidates.

Visionary Leadership

Terry Moffitt’s varied career has endowed him with invaluable skills, from interpreting body language to empathizing with students from all walks of life. He firmly believes in respecting educators and encouraging them to innovate and learn. For Terry, impactful teaching is about more than just ticking boxes.

“The future of the world is in my classroom today,” declares the sign in Terry’s office, encapsulating his dedication to every student he oversees. His philosophy hinges on nurturing respectful relationships and prioritizing open dialogue, ensuring every student feels acknowledged and understood.

To sum it up, Terry Moffitt stands out as a leader in education. His unwavering commitment to academic excellence and each student’s holistic growth has left an indelible mark on the Christian school community in High Point, NC.


Click here to listen to the full podcast episode.




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