School Success Podcast Episode of the Week: “Unlocking School Success: Eric Dustman’s Proven Leadership Strategies”

In the latest episode of our School Success podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Eric Dustman, the head of the Montessori School of Maui and a veteran educator with over two decades of experience. Eric shared his insights on how students can succeed in school and beyond, drawing on his experiences as a teacher and administrator.

One of Eric’s key messages was the importance of developing a growth mindset. He emphasized that students who believe they can improve through hard work and perseverance are more likely to succeed than those who believe their abilities are fixed. Eric also stressed the need for students to set clear goals and take ownership of their learning.

Another theme of the conversation was the value of building relationships with students. Eric emphasized the need for educators to show genuine care and interest in their students’ lives and to create a supportive and welcoming classroom environment. He also discussed the importance of involving parents and guardians in the education process and working collaboratively to support students.

Finally, Eric spoke about the challenges facing educators today, including the impact of the pandemic on teaching and learning. He shared his perspective on the importance of flexibility and adaptation and the need for educators to be creative and innovative in meeting the needs of their students.

Overall, our conversation with Eric Dustman provided valuable insights and inspiration for anyone interested in promoting success in school and beyond. We hope you’ll tune in to the episode and share your thoughts with us! Listen to this podcast episode !