School Success Podcast Episode of the Week: “Episode #063, Mitchell Slater on Speak Up and Succeed: Join the School Success Podcast!”

Welcome to the School Success Podcast, where exciting conversations unfold!

This episode holds a special significance as we turn to you for inspiration. Your voices matter; we invite you to share your suggestions for future podcast episodes. From diving deep into specific topics to exploring the lives of extraordinary individuals, your input shapes the very essence of this podcast.

Picture the possibilities—fundraising strategies, strategic planning, board governance, marketing, growth, enrollment, and beyond. We yearn to hear what ignites your curiosity and who you desire to hear from. Your feedback, suggestions, comments, concerns, and ideas are treasures we eagerly seek. Every contribution fuels our passion.

Reach out to us through the School Success Makerswebsite. Please also join our private Facebook community, School Success Makers. Within its virtual walls, a thriving ecosystem of school leaders awaits, eager to engage in meaningful conversations and forge connections.

Together, we can achieve greatness.



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