School Success Podcast Episode of the Week: #065, Ryan Ermeling on Leveraging Parent Feedback: An Innovative Solution for Christian Schools

Are you tired of traditional once-a-year surveys that provide late and overwhelming feedback? Do you want to build stronger relationships with your school’s parents and improve retention rates?

In a recent podcast episode aired on May 1, 2023, Mitchell Slater interviewed Ryan Ermeling, the founder of ParentPulse. This innovative platform revolutionizes how Christian schools engage with parents as valued customers.

In this article, we’ll dive into the highlights of the conversation with Ryan Ermeling and explore the exciting features that ParentPulse offers.

Are you ready to transform your school’s parent communication and drive better retention? Read on to discover how ParentPulse can help your school thrive!

Ryan Ermeling’s Vision for ParentPulse

Ryan Ermeling, an entrepreneur with a background in startups, developed ParentPulse to address the challenges schools face in gathering and acting upon parent feedback. As a parent and product of Christian schools, Ryan is passionate about helping Christian schools improve their relationships with parents and deliver a superior educational experience.

Continuous Feedback for Ongoing Improvement

One of the biggest problems ParentPulse solves is the infrequency of surveys conducted by schools. Rather than relying on one annual survey, ParentPulse employs an automated drip campaign approach. Schools using ParentPulse can send short surveys to small groups of parents every day for 90 days, ensuring that the entire parent community is surveyed multiple times per year. This continuous feedback cycle empowers schools to make informed decisions throughout the year, addressing concerns and adapting to improve the overall school experience.

Harnessing the Power of Engaging Communication

ParentPulse goes beyond being just a survey platform; it is an engagement platform. Parents have the opportunity to leave open-ended comments within each survey. Schools can reply to these comments through the platform, fostering a dialogue with parents and addressing their concerns in real-time. This open communication significantly contributes to better retention rates by identifying and engaging families who may be considering leaving before it’s too late.

Simplifying the Feedback Collection Process

ParentPulse understands that schools often struggle with two critical aspects of collecting feedback: time and expertise. Recognizing that school leaders may not have a background in data science, ParentPulse offers a library of professionally written questions to choose from. By capping surveys at 20 questions, ParentPulse ensures a manageable process for school administrators. Moreover, the automated drip campaign saves valuable time, allowing school leaders to focus on using the feedback received to drive positive changes.

Quick and Hassle-Free Implementation

Getting started with ParentPulse is a straightforward process. First, schools need to import their parent data into the platform, create the survey using the intuitive survey builder (with the option to use pre-written questions), and communicate the purpose and benefits of the program to parents. The implementation process can be completed within a few days, enabling schools to gather valuable feedback quickly.

Dedicated Support for Success

ParentPulse believes in providing exceptional customer service. While the platform can be used independently, the team at ParentPulse takes a hands-on approach to ensure schools’ successful onboarding and continuous support. Regular meetings are scheduled every 90 days to review findings, uncover hidden insights, and help schools leverage the data effectively.

Success Stories: Real Impact on Schools

ParentPulse has already made a significant impact on several schools. For instance, North Valley Christian Academy in Phoenix experienced a 20% increase in enrollment alongside a 20% decrease in time spent addressing parental concerns. In addition, schools like Traders Point Christian in Indiana witnessed a remarkable 400% increase in positive Google reviews, enhancing their digital presence and leaving a lasting impression on prospective parents.

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