School Success Podcast Episode of the Week: #048, Thomas Argersinger on Why Standards Matter to Our Vision

In an episode of the School Success Podcast aired on January 2, 2023, host Mitchell Slater had the honor of conversing with Thomas Argersinger, an exceptional educator and leader in Christian education.

Argersinger currently serves as the head of school at Veritas Christian Academy in Sparta, New Jersey, where he brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for cultivating a Shalom community within the school.

This article delves into his inspiring journey, the challenges faced by his school, and the innovative strategies they employ to foster excellence and make a positive impact.


A Life Committed to Education

Argersinger’s career in education spans an impressive 41 years, with a strong focus on Christian education. After starting in the public school system and spending time on a church staff, he transitioned to Christian education and has witnessed countless trends and changes in the profession. Originally from New York State, he spent over 30 years in Florida before relocating to New Jersey.


Veritas Christian Academy

Veritas Christian Academy, a small high school accommodating students from grades 9 to 12, has experienced its share of challenges and triumphs. With a student body of just under 50, the school is committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience. Despite its size, Veritas Christian Academy boasts championship sports teams, including a girls’ basketball team that clinched last year’s national championship. Argersinger describes the school as a “full-service school” with diverse offerings and a strong sense of community.


Challenges and Opportunities

Like many educational institutions, Veritas Christian Academy faces various challenges. Argersinger acknowledges that staffing can be difficult but expresses gratitude for the quality faculty they have acquired recently. The school’s facilities and visibility are also key concerns. Having their building would increase their presence in the community and enhance their ability to showcase their distinct educational approach. Additionally, he highlights the importance of effective marketing and branding the school to differentiate it from other educational options. He also emphasizes the unique challenge of upholding biblical principles in the face of conflicting cultural narratives.


Growth and Community Engagement

Despite these challenges, the school has experienced steady growth, with an increase of approximately 10 to 15% in student enrollment. Students come from various backgrounds, including the local community, homeschooling, and families seeking an alternative to mainstream cultural narratives. Argersinger attributes this growth to the school’s commitment to nurturing a culture of excellence and fostering a sense of community. By building partnerships within the community and encouraging students to engage with the world beyond the school, the school strives to make a positive impact that extends far beyond its campus.


Cultivating a Shalom Community

Veritas Christian Academy’s commitment to fostering a Shalom community sets them apart. Argersinger describes their vision as creating a community of peace, safety, wholeness, and hope. The school has implemented strategies to build and maintain this community by emphasizing the importance of a thriving culture. To foster a Shalom community, Veritas has implemented several initiatives. One notable program is its emphasis on mentorship. Each high school student is paired with a faculty or staff member who serves as their mentor throughout their time there. These mentorship relationships provide guidance, support, and accountability, creating a sense of belonging and fostering personal growth.

Argersinger is passionate about providing a holistic education that prepares students for academic success and a life of purpose and service. His leadership and commitment to building a Shalom community have played a significant role in Veritas’ growth and impact.

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