Problems with providing high quality education

The primary purpose of education is to establish systems that provide each student with exactly what they require. Stephanie McConnell, co-author of Win Time (Fearlessly Transforming Your School), agrees.

For a long time, school administrators and teachers have struggled to figure out how to provide all students with a “quality” education that works, taking into account factors such as student background, teacher qualifications, medium of instruction, and the fact that our world is constantly changing. The unexpected rise of Covid has proven to be the most difficult obstacle we’ve faced thus far. It has pushed our school leaders to new levels of success.

The education system has evolved over time to reflect changes in social and political climates in order to suit the demands of its many various types of students. To “effectively” teach, teachers must work hard and come up with creative strategies to keep all of their pupils engaged.

McConnell used one day in the life of a superb teacher to demonstrate what a professional teacher accomplishes on a daily basis.

Students who require additional assistance or time to learn are provided it at a specific time during the school day. As a result, the teachers would print out their data and go over it with the kids to help them figure out where they were strong and where they needed to grow, as well as to ensure they had all they needed for the day.

The goal is to ensure that kids with low scores improve and that students with high scores continue to perform well.


School Leaders

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They claim that the performance of a school or district reflects the quality of its leadership. The superintendent and other school leaders play a critical role in making the classroom a positive learning environment. They are in charge of determining how much money schools will require, how those monies will be distributed, how problems will be resolved, and what plans will be implemented to ensure that everyone’s requirements are met. Every precaution is made to ensure that the pupils’ needs are addressed.

Leaders must be able to move swiftly and decisively in difficult situations, as they will be required to make decisions that not everyone will agree with, even if they are in the best interests of the students.

Overall, for it to operate, the community and the school board must support the leadership.


Getting Through Difficult Times

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Hiring and retaining a diverse faculty is the only way to address the demands of a diverse population of pupils.

People believe there aren’t as many teachers, particularly subject-matter experts, as there once were. According to McConnell, it’s more difficult to discover them because there aren’t many of them and there’s a lot of competition to hire them.

For example, if your school district is smaller than one that can afford to pay more, you may need to look outside the box in order to recruit suitable teachers.

According to McConnell, 403(b) plans are now being encouraged. Furthermore, by providing free meals during the workday, employees are relieved of the need to spend their own money. So, if you want to maintain them, it’s critical to make them feel valued.

Schools are increasingly using social media to advertise their services and recruit new students and teachers. It’s simple to find and completely free.

Some schools also use billboards to spread the news about their institution. There, you can view all of the offered academic programs.

Having a stand at job fairs is another approach to market the institution.



School marketing strategy

Teachers and principals both have a lot on their plates, and it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Teachers are paid far less than they should be. They frequently have to work past their customary hours to complete all of their tasks.

School administrators must also cope with the challenge of making imaginative decisions with limited resources.

McConnell gave some wonderful advice: if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just do the best you can with the things you can manage.