One-time setup fee of $999

The Bronze package is best for you if you have a dedicated in-house team and you want to do it mostly on your own.

 Listing Builder

  Listing Distribution

 Listing Sync Pro

  Social Marketing Software


 Voice Software Reputation


 Software Advertising Intelligence

 Domain Name

  Website Pro

  Website Maintenance

  Monthly Consulting Call

What’s in it for you?
  • Help your customers find the correct info about you online
  • Get the tools and support you need to handle your social media pages
  • Request and respond to reviews on your own
  • A fully managed website that’s low maintenance



One-time setup fee of $999

The Silver package is best for you if you need the extra time to focus more on the needs of your customers and you’re ready to outsource most of your marketing.

 Everything in Bronze +

 Review Request 4x a month

  Review Response

 2x social posts a week

  Facebook post boosting (boost budget not included)

 SEO – 7 keywords in 1 city (SEO Boost required for Lawyers, Dentists and Contractors

  Digital Ads Management (Manage up to $500 a month, budget not included)

What’s in it for you?
  • All the reviews managed just for you—all the way from requesting to responding
  • All your social media content created and posted on schedule
  • Get leads from Facebook and Google—your SEO work is taken care of
  • Help your customers find your website, finally
  • Your business gets noticed through online ads



One-time setup fee of $999

The Gold package is best for you if you’re wanting to get all your marketing done for you so you can focus on scaling your business and serving more people.

 Everything in Bronze and Silver +

  Active Campaign Subscription

 Ebook created for lead generator

 Email drip campaign created for follow up after ebook download

  Email nurture campaign created to stay in front of list

  SEO Boost – 7 additional keywords in 1 city

  Digital Ads Management (Manage up to $1500 a month, budget not included)

What’s in it for you?
  • Turn your company into a lead and revenue-generating machine
  • Get a customized lead generator to attract more people to your door
  • Keep in touch with your customers more so they’ll never forget you
  • Rank for more keywords with more web content
  • More ads to help you reach and serve more customers


Our packages are flexible – if your needs change, we can adjust our offerings to meet them. As your company grows and changes its goals or strategies, we’ll make sure our services continue to fit into your budget and help you grow as quickly as possible.


  School Success Maker tool (texting, phone calls, tracking, emails, funnels, etc.)

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 Website Maintenance and Management

  Domain name


  Daily Website Backups

  Website Security

  Unlimited website text changes to existing content

  Unlimited website photo changes to existing content

  Monthly video recording going over stats, data, and suggestions.

  Quarterly Review Meeting


Everything in the 1-star package

Online Listings Management (Listing Distribution & Listing Sync Pro)

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Reputation Management Software

Customer Voice Software

Social Marketing Software

Review Request (Up to 4x a month with a list provided by the client)

Review Response (Google & Facebook)

Social Posting 2x a week

Local SEO (GBP)

SEO (Up to 5 target cities, 25 total keywords)

Monthly Review Meeting


  Everything in the 1 & 2-star packages

  SEO (an additional five target cities and 25 keywords for a total of 10 target cities and 50 total keywords)

We know that the schools you represent are already doing great things. They have intelligent students, teachers who love what they do and want to keep doing it, and parents who are willing to do anything to help their kids succeed. But we also know that sometimes you need a little help.
That’s why we’re offering a scholarship program for schools struggling financially but still committed to excellence in education. We want to ensure that your school can continue doing all the great things it does without worrying about how much money is left over at the end of each month—and now we can help!

Here’s how it works:

Apply for a scholarship by entering your contact information below. (We can create a Google Form for this)

Tell us what package you’re most interested in purchasing and how much you’d like us to put toward your monthly subscription costs.

Receive an email from one of our team members within 24 hours with more information about how this scholarship program works and what packages are available based on your needs and budget!