Are you a school looking to increase enrollment?

Increased enrollment provides more school funding, which means higher teacher pay and more programs and activities to better the students who are enrolled in your school. It’s a win-win for everyone.

We help you do just that!

Are you tired of worrying about enrollment? We are here to ensure that you don’t have to worry about enrollment anymore.

School Success is all about helping schools be successful. We will help you get more students to enroll. With School Success, we will get your school on the map by providing the tools that you need and the resources necessary to succeed in today’s competition.

We’re here to help you grow your enrollment. The sooner that starts, the better!

We know you have a lot to worry about regarding enrollment. That’s why we’ve created easy-to-use digital marketing tools that help you get more leads and signups—with less effort.

School Success understands your needs. You’re busy, and we get that you need a team to help with the heavy lifting of digital marketing for your school- which means less time spent tirelessly in front of screens!

But with School Success, you no longer have to spend hours or days on marketing. Instead, we provide the services and solutions that will help you promote your school with ease and let families see why they should choose you over other schools in their area.

With School Success, your school can:

  • Get more students enrolled in your school.
  • Grow your funding through increased enrollment, which can help you attract even more students.
  • Take things off of your plate so you can focus on the things that matter most to you and your students.

Are you really getting the results from your marketing that you want?

Our team can help you understand where your school stands today and where it needs to be.

Increase enrollment rate and retention in your school.
Understand how you can improve marketing through School Success Tools.
Learn how to reach your target markets using specific campaigns + social media!


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Are you an administrator at a school that wants to increase enrollment?

Keep the students you have, and attract new ones.

My name is Mitchell Slater, and I lead the team of professionals who help schools grow their enrollment with a specialized marketing strategy—School Success. Our goal is to help you save time and money and improve your school. With a customized marketing plan, we’ll boost your visibility in search engines—which often leads to more enrollment. Contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing services for schools.