The Power of Parental Involvement


The importance of parental involvement in education cannot be overstated. It’s a crucial factor that significantly impacts student success and school improvement. For school leaders and educators, fostering this involvement should be a top priority.


Benefits of Parental Involvement


Improved Academic Performance

Students whose parents are involved in their education tend to have higher academic achievement, including better grades and test scores.


Enhanced Student Behavior and Attitude

Parental engagement often improves student behavior and attitudes toward learning.


Stronger School-Community Relationships

Schools enjoy stronger ties with their communities when parents are involved, enhancing the educational environment.


Customized Learning Experiences

Active parental involvement allows for more tailored educational experiences that cater to individual student needs.


For example, Dr. Kelly Simon, Executive Director of Bridges Charter School, highlights the importance of parental involvement in their independent study programs.

During the pandemic, their homeschool program adapted by working closely with parents, who play a crucial role in their child’s education. This collaboration resulted in a flexible, engaging curriculum that respects the family’s lifestyle and needs, as discussed in the School Success Podcast.



The role of parental involvement in education, as exemplified by Bridges Charter School, is a cornerstone of student success. This collaborative approach fosters a personalized learning experience, aligns education with the unique needs of each family, and cultivates a supportive community that enhances student achievement.

Schools and educators can significantly benefit from embracing this model, reinforcing the importance of parent-teacher partnerships in shaping a more effective and engaging educational landscape.

To learn more about effective strategies for enhancing parental involvement in education and for other insights into educational success, visit School Success Makers. Discover resources and guidance tailored for educators and school leaders committed to fostering a collaborative educational environment.

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